Artists/Technologists Rashed Haq, Adam Chin & Daryl Anselmo share their work using AI generative art tools and technology in creating their art.

This presentation of San Francisco ACM SIGGRAPH from November 16, 2022 features digitally created photography, poetry and artwork using new AI Machine Learning tools including currently available tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Topaz Labs tools.

Date and time: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 · 6 – 9pm PST

Location: Online

An evening with 3 Artists using emerging technologies

Daryl Anselmo

Artificial Intelligence is changing our design mindset more than any other paradigm shift in recent history. The value of creative skills is shifting dramatically and many jobs are in the process of being irrevocably disrupted. This presentation explores recent work from artist/designer Daryl Anselmo and asks some important questions: How is AI changing design culture? How will we maintain our humanity in an era of Post-Human Design?

Adam Chin

In this talk I describe my approach to fine art photography, which is from the metaphorical atomic level, i.e., the pixel level. I’m asking the question, “What does a pixel know?” and in aggregate, “What does a photograph know?” And by viewing photography from an informational point of view, this leads to the question, “What is a photograph?”

Rashed Haq

A lecture on Rashed Haq’s artistic practice, including his use of machine learning and other emerging technologies.

Speakers Bios

Daryl Anselmo

Based in San Francisco, Vancouver and along the West Coast, Daryl Anselmo is an award winning creative powerhouse, having served as a Director of Art for The Walt Disney Company, Electronic Arts, Zynga and Improbable Worlds. Daryl was Art & Creative Director for FarmVille 2, Co-Founder of Propaganda Games and Midwinter Entertainment, and Co-Creator of the award-winning franchises: NBA Street, Scavengers, Def Jam Vendetta and Fight for NY. Daryl is obsessed with technology and generative art. He writes his own code and is currently deepening his art practice in preparation to launch his own studio, specializing in the creative use of AI for forward thinking brands.

Adam Chin

Adam Chin is a fine art photographer who spent a career as a computer graphics artist for TV and film. He was one of the original employees of Pacific Data Images (PDI), a pioneering computer graphics studio which later became part of Dreamworks Animation. Adam did computer graphics lighting on the Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda series of animated feature films.

Adam practices using Machine Learning neural networks trained on databases of real photography to render images. In his fine art photography he is exploring how the information in a traditional photograph can be expanded through Machine Learning.

Rashed Haq

Rashed Haq is a Bangladeshi-American artist, scientist and technologist. He learned photography in the darkroom in Rochester, NY and was trained as a mathematical physicist, going on to do research in the physics of black holes. Haq later worked in Silicon Valley developing innovative applications of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Haq’s art focuses on the co-evolution of humans and technology, and the impact this has on our society, culture, environment and psychology. He uses a combination of photography and software algorithms in his artistic practice. He has recently had over 40 solo and group exhibitions across North America, and his work is in various private and corporate collections. Haq was awarded the Art+Science award from Lenscratch, the COMPAS Photography award from Oxford University, the Robotics Innovation Award by Robotics Business Review, and was nominated for the AI Innovator of the Year Award by AI Business. His book “Enterprise AI Transformation” with Wiley Press was named one of the “100 Best Technology eBooks of All Time” by Book Authority.

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