Biographies: Nathan Rowe

Nathan Rowe has an M.S. in Pure Mathematics, but is software developer by trade. He worked for 3 years in the security imaging field doing 2D/3D Image Processing and Machine learning  for X-ray and CT scanners. He then spent two years in the 3D printing industry to writing computational geometry software for the printers. He founded SculptrVR in September 2015 which released the first commercial version of its software on April 5th with the Vive headset.
SculptrVR is a multiplayer interactive world-building game for hand-enabled VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, and PSVR). You can build at any scale. Make yourself as large as a mountain or as small as a flower. Build a detailed world, explore it from a different scale, and then blow it all up.