Biographies: Elan Rosenman

Elan Rosenman is an immersive audio engineer and designer passionate about
the power of sound for affecting human consciousness. Elan’s work explores the
cross-pollination of ambisonic sound spatialization with sound healing modalities,
biofeedback, and the psycho-physiology of meditation. His experiential
installations for peak performance and stress management can be found used at
Fortune 500 companies in the SF Bay Area and abroad.
Following a decade in the music business and radio production, Elan completed
his studies in psychoacoustics and sound therapy at the Institute of Sound and
Consciousness in San Francisco in 2008. Elan went on to co-found Envelop, a
3D-audio production platform and listening venue at the Midway in San
Francisco. His current endeavors include the commercialization of immersive
meditation environments curated with bio-responsive media, and applications
within the fulldome 360 projection medium.