Art & Music by Google Brain Magenta: with David Ha and Adam Roberts

We will be discussing our work on using deep learning to create methods that can generate art (sketches and music), and in creating these tools we explore how artists and musicians can use them in their work.

Project Magenta is an open source project at Google Brain that engages creative development with coders, artists and musicians. The research goal is to create generative models for audio, images and text.



David Ha is currently a Google Brain Resident. His research interests include Recurrent Neural Networks, Creative AI, and Evolutionary Computing. Prior to joining Google, He worked at Goldman Sachs as a Managing Director, where he co-ran the fixed-income trading business in Japan. He obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering Science and Applied Math from the University of Toronto.

Adam Roberts is a senior software engineer and researcher at Google with a focus on music technology. He earned his PhD in Computer Science with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Genomics at UC Berkeley. He now works on Magenta: a project of the Google Brain team focused on researching the generative applications of neural networks to enable new modes of creative exploration by musicians and artists.



When: Wednesday, November 1st. Door opens at 6:30pm for mixer & refreshments – presentations will be 7:30 – 9:00

Where: Zynga SFHQ Theatre (directions)


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