s3 copyThe first world-competition to find out who can write the best shader in 60 minutes! Bring your laptop, or compete remotely. Since 2009, Shadertoy allow developers all over the globe to push pixels from code to screen using WebGL, which is built to provide the computer graphics developers and hobbyists with a great platform to prototype, experiment, teach, learn, inspire and share their creations with the community. Shadertoy will host the first Hackathon in San Francisco. We’ll provide tables, chairs, awards, and beer! So you’ll regret not attending it in person. It will be fun. We will propose a shader idea at the beginning of the Hackathon, and post it via our twitter account @shadertoy as well as for remote participants, and will let people code for one hour. We will stream the process on the big screen for everybody’s enjoyment.

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