A Gartner Researcher’s Perspective on New Trends in Computer Graphics

Jan 22,2014 – 7pm to 9pm

Autodesk Gallery – 1 Market St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco – Online registration is required.           

bblau Brian Blau is Research Director at Gartner who covers consumer apps and services topics that include social networks, mobile apps and video games, and for this session Brian will give his perspective on the significant impact the graphics has had on the technology landscape we enjoy today. Computer graphics and interactive techniques have their roots going back to the start of modern day computing and today graphics technology is being used in the widest variety of apps and services. There is good reason as the fundamentals of computer graphics and interactivity are the foundations of human-computer interaction and this session will explore some of the significant developments in graphics that are having the biggest impacts today. As a bonus he will share a few product and technology finds from his recent trip to CES2014.

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